Thornflex - small enough to care but large enough to cope...

With a long history of making ideas a reality, from pure concept through to market ready finished products. Thornflex has the necessary skills and secondary services to provide complete turn-key solution to a client’s varied and exacting standards.

engineering design services

As part of that solution we can provide the following capabilities: -


Project Management
We can manage or assist in as much or as little of a project as required. We can, if necessary, manage the product design, gain any necessary patents, design and manufacture the tool, as well as consult on material selection. As well as work with any third-party of your choosing.

Product Design & Prototyping

If you require models to quickly prove-out ideas, finely-detailed aesthetic models for board-level approvals, or functional realistic models to obtain initial market feedback, we can assist. In addition, as part of the design process, we can also offer 3-D modelling and SLA (Stereolithography) prototypes.

We can offer design and manufacture of a complete suite of tools. Modifications and repairs to existing tools, either in-house or through our specialist partners.

Thornflex can help you meet the material requirements placed on your designs by offering advice on material selection.

There is a vast range of materials available to suit most applications. Environmental factors such as exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV, as well as the physical requirements such as strength and impact resistance, can influence the selection. Our vast experience and knowledge in moulding a wide variety of different engineering polymers, is available to assist in the selection of the correct polymer material for the application.


Any level of finish can be achieved, whether gloss, matt or coloured.  In fact, many materials can be coloured using either standard or bespoke colour match additives.