Thornflex - small enough to care but large enough to cope...
Thornflex Plastics

is the result of over 40 years experience, combining tool-making, product design engineering, and technology skills in the plastic and rubber injection mouldings industry.


As an Injection Moulder with a long history of making ideas a reality, from pure concept through to market ready finished products. Thornflex has the necessary skills and secondary services to provide a complete turn-key solution to a client’s varied and exacting standards.

Thornflex’s moulding shop boasts a range of sizes and capabilities, producing an array of products that are used every-day; whether it is as you drive to work, use a mobile phone or enjoying a weekend of leisure.
One of the reasons for Thornflex’s longevity is their ethos of applying big business best practice with small business customer care. Therefore, are very responsive to customer needs and can adapt to changing production requirements within a matter of hours. As they say; “Small enough to care, but large enough to cope”.

Thornflex is focused on not only meeting but exceeding their customers’ needs and expectations, and when combined with an array of capabilities and services, feel they offer a unique service.

Capable, Reliable and Dependable (CR&D)

We have built our business on exceptional customer service over many years. Our dedicated technical team are available around the clock, to meet our customers’ requirements, one of the reasons we still have happy and loyal clients for over 25 years.

Whatever we commit to, you can rely on Thornflex to deliver.


Our Goals

Three things make Thornflex different. These are fundamental to our culture, our business strategy, and our strong market leadership position.


  • “First, we are specialists in Injection Moulding and Plastic products with more than 40 years experience, so we understand the business environment."
  • “Secondly, we are focussed on delivering business outcomes and driven by building long-term relationships and providing solutions for our customers, based on the best technology available – or making the best of what our customers already have."
  • "Thirdly, our growth strategy is to grow with our customers. That means we put customer satisfaction first and that we invest and develop the ongoing service and support resources to move forward with customers, constantly evolving to meet changing market needs."